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Video TAIWAN FOODING  (Manger à toute heure) posté le samedi 20 septembre 2008 10:04

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Voici ma deuxième vidéo inspirée de mon séjour à Taiwan cette année. Rien que pour la cuisine, un voyage s'impose à Taiwan.

 Here is my second video inspired from my stay in Taiwan this year. I let you discover it. If you never went to Taiwan, you should go there at least just for food.



Quelques explications :

- le menu : pas facile de choisir à Taiwan comme tout est écrit en chinois.

- une spécialité taiwanaise, le thé aux perles. Tout le monde connaît le thé vert mais le thé aux perles ? Originaire de Taichung, ce thé remporte un franc succès sur toute l'île. L'astuce réside dans l'ajout de boules de tapioca et de lait.

Ces trépieds ont une fonction bien particulière. Les deux petits bouts sur le dessus viennent se poser sur le haut des lèvres et empêchent ainsi les moustaches de toucher le liquide !

- le riz est cuit dans des rice cookers ! Mais là je l'ai fait cuire dans un sceau en bois rempli d'eau chaude. Puis pour ajouter un peu de saveur au riz, je l'ai recouvert d'algues.

- des épingles d'acupuncture pour faire disparaitre les noeuds dans les tagliatelles

- à Taiwan tout le monde se fait des cadeaux. Ce sac en carton permet d'emporter ce qui reste du repas, le doggy bag !

 Bon appétit


In english

Here are some explanations for the video. My intention was to use some details/objects of the daily Taiwanese life and put them in a different context; in a different situation to express the feelings I experienced during my numerous trips in Taiwan.

Title: TAIWAN FOODING is in fact a contraction of food and feeling. Indeed one of the main reasons to visit Taiwan is the food. At anytime anywhere, you can find a wide variety of food. So incredible!

The video is built like a meal (in a restaurant). First we have the menu then the different courses, and at last the doggy bag to bring the leftovers home.

The names are written on a paper money used in temples to pray the gods. The baskets (made with bamboo) are often used to steam food. In order to illustrate the vapour, a glass pendant inside the steamer is pulled up by being attached to a wire.
Then I put all the drops to show it evaporates from the steamer.


Tea time
Tea is a famous Chinese can be green or red (black) tea.  However people do not know that Taichung is famous for the pearl milk tea.
In the video I began with some special chopstick. I pushed down the button at the top of the chopstick so that the other part goes down. This kind of chopstick is not so common in Taiwan but nowadays more and more people bring their own chopstick to restaurant for the reason of hygiene and environmental protection. It is said that the wood chopsticks from Mainland China are made with some chemicals not good for health.

The special cups with three feet are an ancient style cup. I bought them in Kinmen island and I was told that it is used to drink alcohol and special for men with moustache. The two small raising parts at the both side is designed to prevent the moustache to touch the liquid.


Firstly, I put some Chinese tea into the pot, and then serve it.
At the second time you can observe in the cup, there is the pearl milk tea with the tapioca black ball. It is such a special feeling when you drink /eat these balls called also pearls.


Rice is served for each meal in Taiwan. Most of the time it is cooked in a rice cooker but here I wanted to cook in a wooded pot without electricity; I just use hot water and then wait for the rice to be cooked.
The sieve I use for the rice is very common in Taiwan. In many open restaurants you can see people using it to cook noodles.
At the end i added some seaweed as it is well appreciated by children and often served in various dishes.


Pasta (noodles)
This year i met a doctor who is a Chinese medicine. This person showed me how to insert the needles on the acupuncture points  to reveal some pain. SO I’ve got the idea to use it on pasta to remove the knot that appears sometimes when we cook pasta !!


This cardboard bag was bought in a cookie shop in Taichung. All  the leftovers from the meal are put inside and then i go home with it to finish them later.

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2 commentaire(s)

  • Benoit mailto

    dim. 05 oct. 2008 20:44

    C'est très joli...
    Mais je me demande qui est l'acteur principal...?

  • aline

    dim. 05 oct. 2008 18:32

    sympa la video

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